Hebert to be on hand as “Great Dane” gets enshrined

Morten Anderson will be inducted into the Hall of Fame this weekend

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
August 04, 2017 - 7:20 pm
Morten Anderson hall of fame

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By Mark Menard, @markmenard13

With former Saints kicker Morten Andersen set to enter the Pro Football Hall of Fame this weekend, WWL Sports Talk host Bobby Hebert, who served as the Saints’ quarterback and was one of Andersen’s best friends on the team during the black and gold’s first run of success in the late-1980s, made the trip to Canton, Oh., to see Andersen get enshrined.

Arriving Friday, Hebert said it didn’t take long to hook up with NFL royalty.

“I was just in the lobby talking with Marv Levy and Warren Moon,” Hebert said. “Warren still looks like he can play. He doesn’t look like he’s been affected by football all these years. He looks like he still could play.”

Hebert was asked if he’s already started partying.

“No, just getting settled in,” Hebert replied. “They’re gonna have an unbelievable parade. Like a Macy’s [Thanksgiving] parade but an NFL version. They said it’s not quite like Mardi Gras, but it’s gonna be a nice parade.”

The “Cajun Cannon” said it won’t be long before the festivities get underway.

“Morten’s gonna have a party with all his friends and all his relationships around the world, on and off the field,” Hebert said. “That should be pretty sweet.”

He went on to say that the Hall itself and the town housing it have gone all-in on making themselves a tourist attraction.

“Downtown Canton has really grown,” Hebert said. “And the new stadium… the stadium used to look like a high school stadium, but they’ve made an unbelievable stadium with Tom Benson Field.

“They’re really doing it right, and the locals I’ve talked to want to make this a destination not just during Hall of Fame Week, but an NFL Disney World type destination where you want to take your family.”

Andersen gets inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame Saturday night. The ceremony will be telecast on ESPN and the NFL Network.


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