Hazing culture elimination: 'It doesn’t change overnight'

February 18, 2019 - 7:48 am

Kevin Barnhart reporting...

The recent high profile hazing case that resulted in the arrest of 9 LSU students has many wondering what it will take to end the hazing culture on college campuses.  

Founder of HazingPrevention.org Tracy Maxwell said it is important to remember the elimination of hazing will take time.

“Culture change takes a long time.  This is a problem that has probably been festering at LSU and many schools around the country for years, decades even.  It doesn’t change overnight,” said Maxwell.

Maxwell said the swift action taken to address the situation is a step in the right direction.

“That’s not always the outcome we’re going to see and I think that as very positive in the school taking action,” said Maxwell.

Maxwell said she used to think those that commit acts of hazing are horrible people but has since come to the conclusion that they were people who were hazed at an earlier time.

“There’s a cycle of abuse with hazing.  If someone went through it, and that is the only thing they know to bring new members in, then they repeat the cycle,” said Maxwell.

The DKE members allegedly urinated on pledges that were laying on broken glass, poured Cajun pepper spices in their eyes, beat them, kicked them and performed other reported acts of hazing.

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