Harvey could reform and send rain to Louisiana

Too early to know for sure

Dave Cohen, WWL First News early edition
August 22, 2017 - 7:48 pm

Officials are closely watching the remnants of Tropical Storm Harvey with increasing concern it could bring some serious rain to Texas and Louisiana.

The National Hurricane Center says the system has a high likelihood of developing over the Gulf of Mexico over the next couple of days.

"Satellite images indicate that an area of low pressure over the Yucatan Peninsula, associated with the remnants of Harvey, has become better defined," according to an advisory.  "Environmental conditions are conducive for development when the system moves over the Bay of Campeche."

Forecasters give the system a 90% chance of development this week.

"A tropical depression is expected to form over the southwestern Gulf of Mexico on Wednesday or Thursday, and move in the general direction of the Texas coast on Friday."

Models, which will have better ability to forecast the track if a circulation forms, currently call for the rain to move into Texas and then move east toward Louisiana.

WWL-TV Chief Meteorologist Carl Arredondo says, "Thursday and Friday, we will be watching the progress and development of Harvey."

He notes that we could start seeing a rain band or two on Friday.  

"Harvey is expected to move towards the central Texas coast now, we may have more of an impact of rainfall and higher tides.  As Harvey moves inland, it may not move very much over Saturday, but then start moving slowly towards Louisiana."

He says the most intense rainfall could move into Louisiana Sunday and into next week.

"Remember, Harvey right now is not an organized system, so track and intensity and rainfall potential will still change," Arredondo noted.

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