Lawsuit: Shortcuts, bad design, shoddy construction, warnings ignored

Allegations lodged against Hard Rock hotel builder in new suit

Thomas Perumean
October 18, 2019 - 7:57 am

A lawsuit filed on behalf 10 people injured in the collapse says the Hard Rock hotel construction project was rife with problems.  

WWL-TV reports this new suit goes beyond a pair of previous suits filed earlier in the week.

The suit accuses builder Kailas Companies of poor construction and design problems.  

The suit states:  "The design, planning, and construction of the structure at 1031 Canal was inadequate, likely to cause harm, and did cause harm to plaintiffs and others.  Defendants failed to design the structure in a manner that could bear the loads the structure was intended to hold."

Particular allegations charge cost cutting measures were implimented, including the hiring of workers who were unskilled, not trained properly and under supervised.  

More accuations say the project was plagued with delays, design changes, as shortcuts taken by the builder resulted in new challenges for the construction crews. 

Among the more serious charges, the building did not have steel framing or bracing on the upper floors.  And insufficent use of horizontal beams, fill beams, and pole jacks.  Also claims that concrete was not adequately cured and that dips in the concrete flooring appeared on the upper floors.  

The development has been controversial and seen countless delays since first being proposed as a mixed-use condominium and apartment complex as far back as 2011.  

As construction progressed it was only announced last year that Hard Rock Hotels transforming the project from residential to resort.  

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