Hard Rock construction cranes set for demolition

Officials hope controlled detonations will bring upper section straight down

Chris Miller
October 17, 2019 - 3:12 pm

With the rescue mission over at the site of the Hard Rock Hotel construction collapse, work has now begun on getting the two large cranes over the site to come down. New Orleans Fire Chief Tim McConnell says it will take a careful mix of blowtorches and controlled explosions.

"They're putting explosives on the crane, they're cutting parts of the cranes," said McConnell. "They're doing all those little things they do to weaken it in the right spots."

McConnell says they have engineers on site who helped take down the wrecked Murrah federal building after the Oklahoma City bombing and buildings at the World Trade Center that were damaged in 9/11.

The workers are racing time as a potential tropical cyclone in the Gulf of Mexico is moving in this direction. While it is not expected to directly impact New Orleans, officials worry it could increase winds and topple the already unstable cranes.

Officials hope to have the cranes down some time tomorrow.

Once the cranes are down, a decision will have to be made on what to do with the rest of the wrecked building. The investigation into what caused the collapse the morning of Saturday, October 12, continues.

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