Hard Rock Collapse survivor killed by JPSO in Marrero shooting

Modesto Reyes suspected of pointing gun at Deputy

Thomas Perumean
May 28, 2020 - 6:42 pm

He survived the Hard Rock Hotel collapse and died at the hands of Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Deputies after a chase in Marrero last night. 

Modesto Reyes, 35, was an aspiring rapper and welder who was working inside the incomplete steel frame of the Hard Rock Hotel on Canal and Rampart on October 12, 2019 when the structure suffered a major collapse. 

Reyes had gone from surviving the collapse to last night when he reportedly lead sheriff’s deputies in a pursuit and ended up being shot and killed by a Jefferson Parrish Sheriff’s Deputy. 

The incident happened around 10:30 in the evening when Reyes reportedly made a right turn on a red at Ames Boulevard onto West Bank Expressway. 

Reyes made the turn right in front of a JPSO cruiser. 

When the cruiser attempted to pull Reyes over, he sped away.

The chase only lasted a few blocks when Reyes bailed out of his pick up and tried to run. 

Reyes made it to the 500-block of Eiseman Avenue where he apparently tripped.

Sheriff Joseph Lopinto told WWL-TV “The suspect actually tripped on the ground.  As they approached, he came up with one gun; he was actually in possession of two firearms at the period of time — pointed at one of our deputies — one of our deputies ended up firing several shots striking the individual who was later pronounced dead here on the scene.”

Both the Sheriff’s Department and Reyes’ family acknowledge he had a criminal record which included drug and gun charges.

But his family members say he was trying to put that part of his life behind him. 

Librada Turner, Reyes’ sister, told the TV station: “I do believe he would never point a gun at someone.  He’s not violent like that.”

Reyes’ family says after the tragedy of the Hard Rock collapse and the death of George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery, the death of Modesto Reyes has been very difficult.  In a statement released on behalf of the family they state:  “Regardless of his background, his drug criminal activity — that doesn’t give the officers the right to kill somebody.”

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