Recovery of any remains at Hard Rock negligible at best

Bodies exposed to elements for more than a month, already in an advanced state of decomposition

Thomas Perumean
November 15, 2019 - 6:30 am

Thomas Perumean


The lives of two construction workers were lost on one month ago.  

Since then recovery efforts have been unsuccessful at bringing the bodies out of the rubble of the collapsed structure.  

Mayor LaToya Cantrell has said recovery would recommence after the building is down.  

A death investigator told WWL First News about the fate of the remains.  

The bodies are reportedly under rubble on the site and are mostly likely in very bad condition.  

Our source says decomposition is rapid and after month, the bodies are likely in an advanced state already.  

When the structure is blown down in a controlled demolition, our source says there will not be anything recognizable as what is left is mostly bones and connective tissue.  

Exposure to the elements, and other activities will have excellerated the decomposition process.  

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