Grocery shoppers will shop at multiple stores to get what they want

Jim Hanzo
October 11, 2017 - 8:30 am

It used to be that shoppers were loyal to a single store to take care of their grocery needs, but not anymore.  These days it appears that grocery shoppers are far more likely to embrace a variety of retail locations.  

It's all about getting exactly what they want and when they want it.  They'll shop at 2 or 3 different locations according to the Food Marketing Institute.  

Dong-Jun Min, assistant professor of marketing at the University of New Orleans on the growing trend.

"Consumers are different, and I think it's just being more intensified as there is a lot more information out there that consumers can see," said Min.  "We can easily track what store has what types of items, at what different price points."   

It's about priorities for the consumer. 

"You also have a lot of consumers being exposed to many different options so in a 5 mile radius, you have a lot the high-end stores to the low-end stores from Walmart to Whole Foods who are not that far away from each other," said Min. 

The priorities for shoppers seem to be high quality produce, convenient locations and product availability,  all seem to be a higher priority than price.  

Yet, nearly half say grocery shopping is a chore and they try to spend as little time on as possible.  

Grocery shopping at multiple stores

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