Grappling with domestic violence dangers in the legislature

David Blake
May 21, 2019 - 10:31 am

Domestic violence is often said to be the worst call for law enforcement, because it can frequently become deadly.

Police officers face high danger and the people in a relationship can turn violent at any moment against each other.  Even crafting new laws are made more difficult by the nature of the crimes.

Last week, a woman was killed after an angry confrontation on Bourbon Street. Her ex-boyfriend is charged with the crime.

State Senator J.P. Morrell (D-New Orleans) says for years, the ugly track record was there for all to see.

''Louisiana led the nation in spouses murdering spouses and girlfriends and boyfriends murdering each other with firearms,'' Morrell said.

In order to force a victim to testify, some prosecutors are having the victim arrested and put in jail, until they testify. Morrell has filed a bill that would forbid a judge from issuing that type of warrant. 

''It's not just your life that's on the line if you're with someone whose abusing you, it's the lives of everyone around you, because you can't control where the bullets go,'' said Morrell.

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