Governor signs legislation mandating schools to display and discuss motto 'In God We Trust'

May 31, 2018 - 6:55 am

( -- The governor has signed a bill into law that requires public schools in Louisiana to display, and instruct students on the motto “In God We Trust.”

Baton Rouge Senator Regina Barrow says the country is facing a moral crisis related to taking god out of public schools.

“We have seen a moral decay in our schools and in our community because we have taken this out of our school system.”

Barrow says she was inspired by the Governor’s prayer breakfast, and that the practice of praying starts off every meeting at the capital.

“Every day before we begin to do our business here at the capital we always acknowledge him by prayer.”

The Democrat says religious education and the acknowledgement of god needs to be taking place in public schools, because many parents are choosing not to spread those teachings to their children when they get out of school.

“I believe that we owe and have that obligation that they have that introduction because we cannot assume that that is happening at home.”

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