Governor Edwards: It's only the beginning of possible positive trends

Governor praises health workers who have kept patients off ventilators

Chris Miller
April 07, 2020 - 4:18 pm

Louisiana governor John Bel Edwards says he believes the mitigation measures are beginning to work, and Louisianans must continue staying at home and not getting close to one another.

"We are seeing early signs that the curve is starting to flatten," said Edwards, "but what this means is, we have to continue to do those things that have caused the curve to flatten."

The governor cautioned that it will still be a couple of weeks before he can definitively say things are getting better.

"We still cannot say with absolute confidence that the curve is flattening, but we are still seeing more evidence that we are moving in that direction," he said.

There were 70 additional deaths listed in the afternoon update. There have now been 582 COVID-19 deaths.

The number of cases increased by more than 1,400 today to a state total of 16,284.

Meanwhile the number of people in hospitals increased by 187, but the number of patients on ventilators dropped by 44.

"What this reflects, we believe, is improvements in the way we are dispensing medical care in Louisiana, and achieving better results with fewer people having to be placed on vents, and people being able to come off vents a little earlier than we originally thought would be the case," said Edwards.

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