Governor Edwards happy with job growth and creation in Louisiana

July 20, 2017 - 10:12 am

Governor John Bel Edwards is pleased with job growth and creation in the Bayou State. On his monthly radio call in show, the governor said several sectors of the economy are improving, especially health care thanks to expansion of the Medicaid program.

“We’ve never employed more people in Louisiana in the healthcare sector than we do now. That’s a direct result of the Medicaid expansion. By bringing home our federal tax dollars, we’re hiring more people because we have to because we’re providing care to more people.”
Edwards says in January of 2016, the state’s unemployment rate was at 6.2% and the latest numbers show the unemployment rate in May of 2017 was 5.7% and predicts that will drop even lower when the June numbers are released.

“We’ve got an unemployment rate that is going down and we’ve got job creation and job growth that is increasing.”
Edwards says Lafayette, the hub of the state’s oil and gas sector, is also making great strides. He says in the last year and a half, the city saw four separate months of steady job increases.

“Job creation going up, unemployment going down, that’s great and every corner of the state is benefiting from this too.”

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