Government shutdown could spark “hunger crisis” in Louisiana

January 24, 2019 - 9:33 pm

( - Food banks are facing a possible hunger crisis as the partial government shutdown continues.  Jay Vise, spokesman for Second Harvest Food Bank, who serves hundreds of food pantries across south Louisiana, said they have seen an increased demand for help during the shutdown.

“We have definitely seen an uptick in folks approaching, both federal employees and contract employees, who are being affected by the shutdown,” said Vise.

Vise said they are currently getting ready to face a serious challenge in the coming weeks because of issues with food stamps programs caused by the shutdown.

“We’re also planning ahead.  It doesn’t look like this shutdown is going to end anytime soon, so we are also soliciting to the public for extra food donations on top of what they already so generously provide,” said Vise.

Vise encourages donations beyond just food as people are in need of many different supplies at this time.

“It’s sort of things like the things that you would donate following a disaster response to help people get through the day in their everyday lives.  So food and beverages are wonderful, but if you can also donate the things that you would need in your home to get through when you are out of work, that’d be greatly appreciated as well,” said Vise.

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