Gov. Edwards: "Please don't feed the gators"

High water means more sightings

Don Ames
July 21, 2019 - 10:22 am

Getty Images

Officials in Louisiana are warning residents and visitors that feeding alligators is a dangerous practice.

Recent high water levels in the state means people are seeing more of the animals than usual.

State wildlife officials have issued a news release about the subject, and Gov. John Bel Edwards sent a tweet about it, as well.

The governor wrote, "It feels like we shouldn't have to say this, y'all. But please don't feed the alligators."

Wildlife biologists say feeding 'gators makes them view people as an easy food source, increasing the chance that they'll bite someone.

The statement from the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries notes that throwing fish scraps into the water or leaving them on shore is a bad idea for the same reason. They say fish scraps, like other garbage, should go into garbage cans. 

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