Gov. Edwards opposes closed primaries

December 19, 2018 - 9:20 pm

( - The state GOP is calling for a return to closed primaries that only let party members vote for party candidates. Currently voters are free to vote for whoever in the primary, and the top two candidate’s progress to the general election. Most states have closed primaries, but on Ask the Governor, Governor Edwards said in this case its ok to stand out.

“I think it has served us pretty well, and certainly Louisiana has not shied away from being different from other states.”

The call was made by GOP State Chairman Louis Gurvuich, who says the “Jungle Primary” creates issues for Republicans when they have large fields of candidates.

But John Bel Edwards says closed primaries would foster a political culture that’s closer to the one we see in Washington DC.

“There’s less bipartisanship, and less rigid ideological partisanship that is run by those at the extreme of the two parties.”

The state Democratic Party has not formally endorsed the plan, but according to The Advocate has supported plans that would move federal races to a closed party primary. Edwards says he will likely oppose any efforts to make that change.

“Somebody has got to really come in and convince me that there is something that I am unmindful of in terms of a benefit that we would have if we went back to that system.”


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