Gas prices should begin to fall a bit in a couple of weeks

Jim Hanzo
September 13, 2017 - 8:39 am

In the past few weeks we have seen a jump in gas prices, and hurricanes in Texas and in Florida have played a part.  

AAA thinks for Louisiana, we may see prices start to come down in the next week or 2.  

At least for now prices at the pump haven't risen anymore.

AAA's Don Redman says in Louisiana says we should see a reduction in the coming weeks, giving us a bit of a break at the pump, but far from where we were before the storm hit, which was about $2.15 a gallon. 

"I think you are talking about backing down to $2.25 a gallon until everything evens out," Redman said.  
Although some refineries have begun to come on-line, there are some that have not yet,  which always plays a part.

"We have at 5 on the gulf coast that are operating at reduced rates," Redman said.  "We have 6 refineries that are in the process of restarting." 

Redman said Florida's problem is just getting gas to those areas because of the infrastructure, but Louisiana, should start to see some reduction soon.  

"In one to two weeks, we should see a little break at the pump," Redman noted. 

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