Gas prices holding steady for now, but should rise a bit more

Jim Hanzo
April 10, 2018 - 9:04 am

Are you noticing the price at the pump inching upwards?   It's usually this time of year that we see a rise in gas prices.  
Although right now we've seen the prices plateau at least for the time being, according to Don Redman with AAA.  

"It's been holding steady since the beginning of April, and kind of stuck at the $2.44 a gallon range," Redman said.  "Still about 11 cents higher than we were a month ago."

But he doesn't think we'll at that mark. 

"I still believe there is still room for those prices to go up, but we've seen continued high demand for gasoline, even higher than in 2017, when gas was much cheaper than we are currently," Redman said. 

But heading into the summer months it won't be as cheap as last summer. 

The good news is Redman says Louisiana will remain as one of the states with the best prices for gas.  

"We're going to be probably in the top 10 states with the cheapest gasoline when you look around at the rest of the nation," he said. 

The average price for gas in New Orleans is around $2.41 per gallon.  

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