Gas prices holding steady in Louisiana for now

Jim Hanzo
May 29, 2018 - 9:04 am

Are gas prices are continuing to rise?  What can we expect for the summer months?  

AAA's Don Redman says he doesn't expect to see a whole of change as we get into June.

"Actually we are seeing some signs that it might be getting a break soon," Redman said.  "And you are seeing the price of oil start coming down.  It's dropped by 10 percent. already."  

Travel certainly has not been affected.

"What we've found, historically is that the 3 dollar a gallon threshold seems to be what really changes people's driving attitudes but I don't see, in Louisiana paying anything like 3 dollars a gallon this summer," Redman added. 

He thinks we could get up to about $2.70 per gallon.  At the moment we are paying about 50 cents more than we were this time last summer. 

Right now gas prices in Louisiana are averaging around about $2.66 per gallon.  Current average in New Orleans is $2.62 per gallon.  The national average is $2.96 per gallon. 

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