Gas prices could continue to fall until summer travel begin

AAA: Some discount gas stations are down almost 10 cents from a week ago

Jim Hanzo
May 15, 2019 - 11:27 am

Have you noticed prices at the gas pump coming down after rising for the last few weeks?  

A week ago the statewide average was 2.53 a gallon and now prices are down about a nickel and even more at some stations.  

"We're currently looking at $2.49, $2.48 around the state, so we are down 4 cents almost a nickel from where we were a week ago," said AA's Don Redman.  "Discount service stations are already down around 10 cents from where they were a week ago.  I certainly thing that we could see a statewide average as low as $2.40 a gallon in the coming weeks, depending on how everything shakes out."  

Redman says, barring any problems, like a hurricane, or the market or any other number of issues that could crop up.  That is at least until the summer travel starts to ramp up.  

"Memorial Day is usually the big launching pad for summer travel and I expect because the economy is doing well and people traveling, we could be in for some record numbers of people traveling this summer," he said.  "That may mean of course, higher prices at the pump."  

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