The future for Charity Hospital?

David Blake
May 16, 2018 - 4:39 pm

City and state officials have been waiting for years to find out what's going to be best for historic Charity Hospital.  There has been talk about retail, condos and even a hotel as part of the development.

Dardenne-Interview 5-16-18.mp3

Today is the day that developers were to submit proposals and the actual details are expected following a conference call tomorrow.

Commissioner of Administration of Jay Dardenne told WWL First News that he is both excited and optimistic.

''I really believe this is one of the keys to the future of New Orleans and making the best possible use of this historic building, I'm looking forward to this process unfolding,'' Dardenne said.

First up will be deciding on the best proposal. Dardenne says the time line is uncertain on when renovation could begin.

''I really don't know that there a set time line for all of this to happen, the market place seems to be right and I hope this is the case going forward,'' said Dardenne.

Dardenne says he wants to see what the market place brings for this extremely valuable property.

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