Breaking Good: Downtown forum looks educate employers about hiring former inmates

Ending stigmas about people with criminal backgrounds

Thomas Perumean
September 12, 2019 - 5:51 am

Getty Images - Moostocker

A forum at the Hyatt Centric on Canal Street kicks off at 8am.

The event is presented by Right on Crime, a conservative group looking to help with criminal justice reform, to educate employers about the advantages of hiring people with criminal backgrounds. 

Right On Crime, looks to knock down stigmas and stereotypes about people who've been incarcerated and help with their rehabilitation by getting them that important first job. 

Right on Crime's Louisiana State Director Scott Peyton says "the stigma is some of the reasons why employers don't hire.  One is they're afraid of what the public's going to think.  They're also afraid of the other employees that they have.  But one-in-50 people in Louisiana are involved in the criminal justice system on probation or parole."

The event features numerous speakers from agencies like the the United Way, and other groups that focus on helping formerly incarcerated individuals return to society and get an important first job. 

Peyton says rehabilitated people have learned skills and earned diplomas while serving time, so they are trained and ready to start a new life with the skills they've trained up for. 

"When people have been incarcerated, they're receiving training and education inside the prison system," Peyton says.  "They learn technical degrees, college degrees, they learn HVAC, welding, culinary arts.  There's a whole group of things happening for them while they're incarcerated." 

Can't make it to the forum?  Learn more about Right on Crime's efforts, click here.

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