The former sheriff is loving Carnival

David Blake
February 13, 2018 - 11:46 am

From powerful Sheriff of Jefferson Parish, to WWL radio talk show host, it's been quite a change this Mardi Gras for Newell Normand.

Today he rides as Grand Marshall of Argus.  From public safety and in command of a huge law enforcement agency, to throwing beads.  
"Not bad," he says.

''You know it's a lot of fun it feels really different, it was always a privilege and an honor to be out on the street with the men and women of JPSO and it's something I will always miss,'' said Normand. 

Normand says he's having the time of his life these days.

''In this new chapter of my life, spending time as a Grand Marshall, having my granddaughter ride with me, and my son riding with me as well, it's a lot of fun,'' Normand said.

What a difference a year can make in a life.

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