Former Orleans D.A. Eddie Jordan suspected of smuggling drugs into Criminal Court

Jordan: "I’ve done nothing wrong"

Chris Miller
June 14, 2018 - 12:09 pm

Eddie Jordan, the former U.S. Attorney who successfully prosecuted Edwin Edwards but later had a tumultuous tenure as Orleans District Attorney, is being investigated for attempting to pass contraband to an inmate while in court.

According to the Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office, officials believe Jordan passed an envelope with drugs concealed inside.

"This incident highlights the constant efforts made to introduce contraband into our facility even by attorneys," reads a statement from Sheriff Marlin Gusman. "We commend Deputy Wilbert Charles and Deputy Prisca Christopher’s diligent efforts to ensure that this contraband never successfully made it into the hands of an inmate."

Jordan denies wrongdoing.

"I have engaged in no illegal activity, have no knowledge of any drugs in the courtroom," Jordan told The New Orleans Advocate. "I’m carrying out my responsibilities as a defense attorney. I’m representing my clients. I’ve done nothing wrong"

As the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Louisiana from 1994 until 2001, Jordan led the prosecution of former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards and others for a scheme to rig the licensing of riverboat casinos. Edwards, his son, and several associates spent years in federal prison for their crimes. Jordan's office also oversaw prosecution of violent criminals in New Orleans whenever their offenses overlapped with federal jurisdiction, such as convicted felons caught in possession of firearms.

Jordan later ran for Orleans District Attorney, succeeding the retiring Harry Connick. Jordan's tenure as a state prosecutor was much less successful, however, as his office accepted relatively low numbers of cases against suspects arrested by NOPD. Jordan also fired dozens of long time employees of the D.A.'s  office. Those employees were predominantly white, and they successfully sued, claiming discrimination, when Jordan replaced them with black employees.

Jordan resigned from the District Attorney's office in 2007.

Jordan has not been taken into custody.

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