Forgive yourself for overdoing it today

Don Ames
November 22, 2018 - 10:43 am

Today is America's feast day...a day when diets go out the window.

Thanksgiving is, perhaps, the country's biggest day of indulgence...a holiday celebration that seems to be centered on food. 

And, it's also not a day to beat yourself up for breaking a diet, either.

Molly Kimball, Registered Dietician at Ochsner Fitness Center, says it's a day to cut ourselves some slack.

"First and foremost, what I encourage people to do is not beat themselves up and not put so much pressure on themselves to be perfect."

"Allow ourselves that little bit of wiggle room....that little bit of forgiveness, knowing that we're going to have those selections for those splurges."

She says you don't want to feel like a you've blown it, and there's no reason to even try anymore.

Still, she says you can indulge yourself in the delicaces of the day, and do it wisely.

"I do really encourage people to negotiate with themselves on what's really worth it at that Thanksgiving spread," says Kimball.

"A lot of times, there's a ton of different options," she says. "But, there's going to be a few that are just really significant -- things that we really love and we look forward to year round -- and those are the things that, quite frankly, I think it's a shame if we don't have it."   

And, part of the meal can actually help you to keep from overdoing it.

"Reaching for foods that we know are going to keep us feeling fuller and help to curb those cravings early on," Kimball says. "And, protein-rich foods help to do that. So, by nature, something like turkey makes it really easy to get that protein-rich food in quickly on the front end."

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