For 2nd straight day, NOLA COVID testing centers max out in minutes

Chris Miller
July 07, 2020 - 2:20 pm

For the second straight day, a walk-in coronavirus testing center in New Orleans reached capacity within minutes of opening. 

New Orleans Mayor's Office spokesman Beau Tidwell says even with the strain on testing capacity, the percentages for New Orleanians testing positive has stayed in low levels.

"Through yesterday, through July the 6th, we had 4.2 percent positive on the tests," said Tidwell. 

Although hospitalizations in Louisiana have surged, Tidwell says they haven't even considered a trigger for reverting to phase one or a stay-at-home order.

"That's something that the mayor and the public health team are looking at very closely," he said. "I will say, after having spoken to Dr. Avegno and to the mayor, it's the last thing anybody wants to do, to go back into lockdown."

Tidwell says ultimately, the decision to scale back reopening rests with the people -- doing the right thing to minimize their risk of getting sick.

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