Football fans make their choice for Super Bowl LIV

Football fans make their choice for Super Bowl LIV

Jim Hanzo
January 31, 2020 - 9:03 am
Super Bowl LIV



What are your plans for Super Bowl Sunday?  And who would you like to see win, the Chiefs or the 49ers?  We posed that question to some football fans. 

"Having the family over, gather around the TV and have chicken, and beer and just having a good time," said this football fan.  And who is he pulling for?   "I am a Kansas City Chiefs fan."    

"I'll be hanging at home having a few 'toddies' and I think I'm barbecuing so we're having a little get-together, it should be a good time," another football fan said.  "My brother-in-law was born in San Francisco but I'm going with Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs."

"I going to watch a movie because the Saints aren't in it," said this fan.  "I like the Saints but if I have to have a favorite, I like San Francisco.  I like their defense."

"This man said he'll be with friends watching the game at a Super Bowl party," he said.  "If I had to pick I like San Francisco, I think the 49ers will win."    

"I'm watching the game with my family, and I like the Kansas City Chiefs," this woman said.     

This fan made his choice.  
"Anyone but San Francisco," he laughed.  

Super Bowl LIV is Sunday.  Kickoff is at 5:30 p.m.  You can catch it here on WWL. 


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