The food at Jazz Fest just as important as the music

WWL food expert Tom Fitzmorris gives us his favorites

Jim Hanzo
April 26, 2019 - 8:53 am

Going to Jazz Fest?  Do you have you favorite must have food at the fest?  WWL Food Show expert Tom Fitzmorris has his favorites as well.

"My longtime favorite at Jazz Fest is Boudin," Fitzmorris said.  "The boudin at Jazz Fest has always been great and I look ahead to the next time they are going to have it, which is the next festival, of course."   

Fitzmorris prefers the food vendors that have been there the longest, saying they're dishes, to him are always the best, which is why they're there every year.  

"There is the lady who makes the red beans and rice, for example, she has been there since the beginning, and those tend to be, believe it or not, among the better items that are there," he said.  

He goes after gumbo every year, too.  Fitzmorris says they're is a seafood crepe that is very popular.  And Fitzmorris adds a lot of the Jazz Fest food you'd have a hard time finding other than at Jazz Fest.Fest.  

"All the ethnic restaurants that come from all over the world," Fitzmorris said.  "I mean China, Thailand, and Vietnam, of course and all the other ones that we see this time of year."  

You can see all of Tom's recommendations at  

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