Breakthrough? Firefighters keep vacation, continue working overtime

Firefighter's union, NOFD, Mayor to meet soon

Thomas Perumean
February 20, 2020 - 1:34 pm
Firefighter's union, NOFD, Mayor to meet soon



New Orleans firefighters vacation time remains in place and they're back to working mandatory overtime.  

"We met with the judge in chambers with the city, yesterday," Union head Aaron Mischler said.  "The city asked for a continuance on the injunction hearing, they received a continuance until March 30th." 

Mischler says the injunction preserving vacation time remains in place.  

He also says the two sides will meet before then in hopes of finding a way through the impasse which saw a back-and-forth on the part of the Department and firefighters culminating in a sickout last Saturday.  

"The firefighters are back working overtime until we come to an agreement on negotiations," Mischler told WWL in an exclusive interview.  

Though a date for this new negotiation round has not been set, Mischler is confident Mayor LaToya Cantrell will be in attendance.  

"The meeting that will be taking place, all principal parties will be attending," he said.  

According to Mischler, firefighters came together Monday night.  

"The citizens of New Orleans deserve a lot better and firefighters are dedicated to giving them that."

"We didn't want to see Mardi Gras interrupted," Mischler explained.  

"We decided to act in good faith and give the city the time they asked for to come to the table and work with us to get things hashed out ."

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