Final two St. Bernard jailers take pleas in long running case

Death of 19-year-old Nimali Henry in 2014

Thomas Perumean
January 16, 2020 - 8:58 pm
Final two St. Bernard jailers take plead guilty in Nimali Henry death


The final two St. Bernard Parish jailers involved in the death of 19-year old Nimali Henry while in custody have taken guilty pleas.

According to WWL-TV, 56-year old Lisa Vacarella pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI and misprision, which means covering up a felony.  She could receive up to eight years in prison.

Former Sheriff's Department Captain Andre Dominick, 59, pleaded guilty to violating Henry's civil rights under the color of law.  He could face life in prison.

In March 2014 Nimali Henry died while in custody of the St. Bernard Sheriff's on minor charges of disturbing the peace and simple battery stemming from an altercation with the father of her daughter.

Henry spent 10-days in jail before dying of a rare disease that could've been controlled had the jail staff administered the medications. 

Four jailers were indicted in the case; one cooperated in the initial case where a mistrial was declared after the lead defendant, Captain Andre Dominick, shot himself in the chest in an apparent suicide attempt.

Since the remaining defendants have plead out, they will be required to cooperate truthfully to help authorities determine what really happened in the case of Nimaly Henry. 

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