Final AP Top 25 shows LSU's accomplishments

Fighting Tigers beat seven teams ranked in final poll to finish #1

Chris Miller
January 14, 2020 - 10:49 am
Tigers Win!

Sean Gardner/Getty Images

The final AP Top 25 confirms it's not all a dream for LSU fans: the Fighting Tigers are the national champs.

It also shows the gauntlet that LSU had to run on its way to finishing a perfect 15-0. Seven teams that LSU beat in 2019 made the final Top 25. All seven were top ten teams when LSU played them, and five were in the top ten at the end of the season.

Texas, ranked ninth when LSU met them in Austin on September 7, finished at number 25. Auburn, the No. 9 team when the two played in October, is ranked 14th in the final poll.

Alabama, Oklahoma, and Florida finished eighth, seventh, and sixth, respectively. Alabama was the No. 2 team in the country when LSU defeated them 46-41 on November 9. Oklahoma was the fourth seed when LSU beat them in the playoffs, and the Florida Gators were ranked seventh when they squared off with LSU in October.

Two of the teams LSU beat in the post-season finished in the top five, with SEC East champion Georgia finishing the season at No. 4, the same place they were when LSU beat them in the SEC Championship game. And Clemson, ranked third going in to last night's championship game, sits at No. 2 today.

By contrast, none of the teams Clemson faced in the regular season finished ranked, with only Ohio State, whom Clemson beat in the Fiesta Bowl to advance to the national championship, making the final rankings at No. 3.

Click here for the final AP Top 25 poll results.

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