Female Louisiana lawyers urge Senators to vote against Kavanaugh

October 06, 2018 - 6:25 am

(WWL.com) - Nearly 200 female Louisiana lawyers have signed a petition urging the state’s two US Senators to vote against the Supreme Court Nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh. The document highlights the judge’s temperament during the Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing as enough to disqualify him from consideration.

"If had a witness act the way he did, in any tribunal, I would fully expect that that witness would at least be admonished, if not held in contempt," says Baton Rouge lawyer Jill Craft.

Craft says it is concerning that Kavanaugh injection of political targeting as a reason for the allegations.

"I have a huge concern about someone serving on the United States Supreme Court who obviously views the world through a political lens," says Craft.

Craft cites last year’s confirmation proceedings of Neil Gorsuch in comparison to Kavanaugh as a testament to the nominee’s lack of judicial temperament.

"That Justice, who is currently seated, did not express or display the kind of temper tantrum behavior that I think we witnessed and certainly didn't have the baggage," says Craft.

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