Fatal accidents from road rage are on the rise

Up nearly 500 percent in a decade

Jim Hanzo
September 11, 2019 - 8:42 am

Road rage is on the rise, with fatal car crashes linked to aggressive driving climbing nearly 500 percent in the last decade. 

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the numbers jumped from 80 in 2006 to 467 in 2015 and appear to continue its rise.  

One expert with the administration says there is a small percent of people who are very close to the edge of losing control at any second.  Trooper Monroe Dillon with Louisiana State Police says it could get out of hand between 2 drivers very quickly.

"We've seen cases where arguments on the road can lead to one motorist producing a weapon," Dillon said.  "We've seen incidents where arguments on the roadway can lead to aggressive driving by one driver to try and cause a secondary crash."

 He advises drivers to stay on the road if it's not safe to stop, and dial state police as soon as possible. 

"If they feel it is safe to pull over then they can do so, but if they feel threatened in any way, and they feel like they are not in a safe situation, by all means keep driving until they feel they are in a safe location and where police officers and troopers can get out there and intervene in anything that can come to a confrontation," Dillon said.   




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