Fans: The Saints continue to get the job done

Five wins in a row with Bridgewater starting

Jim Hanzo
October 21, 2019 - 11:09 am



Again, the Saints defense stepped up to give another solid performance over Chicago.  We caught up with some Saints fans after the 35-25 win over the Bears.  This lady was worried in the beginning.  

"It's 5 wins in a row under Teddy (Bridgewater)," she said.  "I was skeptical at first, but go Teddy." 

"In the 2nd half I had no idea they would do that," this Saints fan said.  "I mean I hoped they would beat the Bears, they have every weapon available to do so, but they didn't deploy that until the 2nd half."  

"They stepped up when they needed to, Teddy's not doing anything to get us in trouble, it's beautiful," one man told us. 

"It was very concerning having Cook, Kamara and Drew out, but our offensive line stepped up when they were needed," said another fan.   

The Arizona Cardinals come to town to give it a shot against the Saints next Sunday.  

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