Fake officials pose as parish workers

Dave Cohen, WWL First News early edition
October 05, 2018 - 8:15 pm

The Jefferson Parish president’s office is warning residents about fake officials claiming to work for the government.

They have received reports of "individuals misrepresenting themselves as Parish employees and agencies."

Officials say it would be very unusual for an actual parish employee to ask to go into a residence.

An advisory urges residents to take steps to protect themselves if someone claims to work for the parish.

"Ask for proper identification or to inquire about the employee or agency by contacting the Parish President’s Office at (504)736-6400."

He is more safety information Jefferson Parish issued...

We would like to remind the public of the following:


·        Parish Employees rarely, if ever, need to enter a home to conduct any day-to-day Parish business.


·        Parish Employees will ALWAYS have Parish issued identification noting their name and the department they work.


·        Parish Employees should always be in a Parish uniform when performing job duties. They will also be in a Parish vehicle with Parish logos.


·        Parish Employees will NEVER ask for any sort of payment in the field.


·        Parish Employees and/or contractors should NEVER attempt to solicit business from a resident.


·        Parish Contractors will usually place notices on homes or businesses regarding projects in the area and should not enter any home.


·        Parish Contractors should identify which Parish Department they are working for and have proper identification.


As a reminder, Chapter 2, Article I, Section 2-7 of the Jefferson Parish Code of Ordinances states the following:


“It shall be unlawful for any person to affix or use a facsimile of the parish seal or parish emblem on any document, sign, advertisement or equipment for personal or commercial use or in such a manner as to give the impression that the Parish Jefferson sanctions, sponsors, endorses or supports such person or activity or that such person is (in) any way affiliated with the Parish of Jefferson, its agencies or districts; such unauthorized use of the parish seal and parish emblem shall also include any facsimile so similar in appearance as to confuse, tend to confuse, or not be clearly distinguishable from the official parish seal or parish emblem.”


(Ord. No. 19817 & 1, 9-11-96)


The Parish encourages anyone confronted by these individuals to ask for proper identification or to inquire about the employee or agency by contacting the Parish President’s Office at (504)736-6400.  They may also contact the Parish Departments directly (link to Department Directory can be found here:  http://www.jeffparish.net/index.aspx?page=2935 ).


If a resident or business owner believes anyone is suspicious, they should call law enforcement.  The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office telephone number is (504)363-5500 for non-emergencies.  Always call 911 in an emergency.

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