Experts say New Orleans needs to rethink drainage

Pumps alone won't do it, they say

David Blake
August 28, 2019 - 1:16 pm

Experts are joining in on the flood fight in New Orleans. Many appear to agree that a whole new approach is needed if there is to be a chance at improving the situation.  

Ramiro Diaz is an architectural designer with Waggoner Ball. He says we need to take a new approach.

“We are begging that we find more space for water. Let’s talk about finding more space for water instead of pumping capacity, because the pumps only have a fixed rate they can pump out,” Diaz said.

He says there is a long list changes, From changing materials on the surface, like switching from concrete to gravel, to rain gardens and green roofs.

Aimee Thomas, director of an environment program at Loyola, agrees New Orleans can’t just pump its problems away.

“How we can live with water in a more sustainable way,” Thomas posed, “not flooding out homes and not flooding our cars?”

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