Ex-congressman could get time served at new sentencing

December 01, 2017 - 6:21 am

(AP) -- A former congressman convicted nearly a decade ago on bribery charges is in line to receive a significantly reduced sentence.

A resentencing hearing is scheduled Friday in federal court for William Jefferson, a Louisiana Democrat.

He's served more than five years of a 13-year sentence on bribery-related charges. His case garnered national headlines in 2005 when a government sting resulted in $90,000 in cash being found in his freezer.

Last month, though, a judge tossed out seven of 10 conviction counts against Jefferson. And he said Jefferson was entitled to a new sentencing hearing on the remaining three counts.

The judge said a recent Supreme Court ruling changed what constitutes bribery under federal law.

Prosecutors are recommending his sentence be reduced to time served.

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