ERA ratification soundly rejected by state senate

Proposed resurrection of constitutional amendment from 1970's fails in senate vote

Thomas Perumean
May 09, 2019 - 8:18 am

Getty Images - Bulat Silvia


Efforts to resurrect the Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution have gone down in defeat yet again in Louisiana.  

The latest move by New Orleans Democratic Senator J.P. Morrell was rejected by state senators on Wednesday.  

Morrell sought to make Louisiana the state that would push ratification of the amendment over the 38-state threshold and enact a constitutional provision outlawing discrimination based on gender.

Approved for ratification vote in 1972, the ERA never reached a 1982 deadline to achieve a three-quarters approval by states.  

Objection to the amendment includes State Senator Beth Mizell, a Franklinton Republican, saying ratifying the ERA is the equivalent of adding abortion rights protections into the U.S. Constitution.  Morrell disagreed with that assessment.

In the end, only nine senators voted for the proposal.  Twenty-six voted against it.

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