Environmental group to demonstrate against proposed south Louisiana pipeline

December 16, 2017 - 1:56 pm

The environmental group, the Louisiana Bucket Brigade, plans on putting their bodies in the way of a proposed pipeline that would stretch across south Louisiana. Energy Transfer Partners only needs a couple of permits before they can start construction on the Bayou Bridge Pipeline. Bucket Brigade Director Anne Rolfes says they will resist non-violently.

"We have been asking the Governor since the very beginning to stand up and use his authority to ask that this pipeline be stopped.  So we continue to call on the governor while taking action into our own hands."

The Louisiana Bucket Brigade has filed numerous lawsuits to stop the pipeline, naming Governor John Bel Edwards and Bayou Bridge L-L-C as defendants. Rolfes says the 162-mile long pipeline would go between Lake Charles and St. James.

"The Bayou Pipeline would ram through the Atchafalaya Basin, exasperating the situation for the crawfishermen who are already really losing the source of their livelihood because of these pipelines."

Rolfes says Energy Transfer Partners has a long history of damaging the environment and shouldn't be allowed in Louisiana.

"They had an accident in Texas.  The Attorney General of Ohio has sued them for ongoing spills during the construction of a pipeline in that state.  This company, Energy Transfer Partners, is a rogue company."

Energy Transfer Partners says they will restore any wetlands that are damaged by the construction of the pipeline. Governor Edwards hasn't given any indication he will stop the construction.​

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