Entergy Louisiana says tax savings will be passed to customers

David Blake
April 18, 2018 - 12:22 pm

Entergy Louisiana says it is lowering rates for its customers, thanks to the federal tax reform plan approved by Congress.

Louisiana Entergy customers will see a series of reductions on their monthly bills starting in May.  Entergy Louisiana President and CEO Phillip May says beginning next month, customers will see an average reduction in their monthly bills of around $4.20, and he says there's more to come.

''The tax reform that Congress created last year has reduced our tax expense, and as a result, customers' bills will reflect that reduction,'' May said.

The agreement was approved today by the state's Public Service Commission.  

''Customers will see around a $4.20 a month reduction through December, and along around September, there will be another two dollar reduction,'' May said.

In the first round of reductions, $105 million will be returned to customers because of the tax reform law.

Entergy officials say they also hope to use some of their tax savings to improveme and modernize their system.

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