Elderly Denham Springs couple found murdered at their pool company business

October 31, 2018 - 3:43 pm


An elderly Denham Springs couple was found murdered at their pool company last night. 70-year-old Patricia Gurley and 72-year-old "Frank" Gurley, a retired Denham Springs teacher, were last seen alive around 4PM Monday. Police Chief Shannon Womack offered limited details, but says they suspect the murders were premeditated.

“Talk about what is certainly the most heinous and senseless crime we have encountered in my career in the Denham Springs Police Department.”

Police discovered the bodies after responding to a request for a wellness check.

Womack says they believe the suspects who murdered the Gurleys have fled the state by now, but they’ve begun the investigative process and hope to chase down whoever committed the crime.

“All the resources of our department as well as those of our partners are being utilized to identify and apprehend the person, or persons responsible for this heinous crime as quickly as possible.”

It’s believed the attacker or attackers knew the victims.

Womack says he knew the Gurleys personally, and the news shocked him and the community.

“That’s the sad thing about being a police officer in a small town, because as much as our city has grown we still know a lot of people, especially longtime residents. It hits home really hard.”

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