Edwards pounces on White House claims of “booming” Louisiana economy

Don Ames
November 09, 2019 - 10:38 am

Governor Edwards’ campaign is highlighting recent tweets from the White House touting the success of the Louisiana economy, a sentiment that runs counter to local Republican messaging.

The tweets celebrate the state’s “booming” economy. UL Lafayette Poli Sci Professor Pearson Cross says that’s not helping Eddie Rispone, who is seeking to paint a grim picture of the state economy.

“Well, I just think there is a clash between the national campaign and the state campaign. They need to sort out that message because it is clearly sending a mixed message at this point,” says Cross.

The tweets mention the state’s declining unemployment rate, increasing wages, and 21,000 jobs added since President Trump took office just a year after Governor Edwards’ election.

Cross says the Edwards campaign has worked hard to sell a message that the state’s economy has been on the up since he took office, so expect the campaign to run with it.

“Ok, if the Trump administration wants to throw us a bone by saying that the economy in Louisiana is really good, then I am going to take that bone and run with it,” says Cross.

Cross says with a little effort, the Edwards campaign may be able to sway a few Trump voters over to their side by signal-boosting the national message.

“The people that like Trump, and think that what Trump says is the truth, so if he says it’s good here, I’m (Edwards) going to take credit for it,” says Cross.

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