As he begins 2nd term, Edwards highlights the three priorities

WWL Newsroom
January 13, 2020 - 3:37 pm
John Bel Edwards

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards was sworn in today for a second term and highlighted his three biggest areas of focus for the next four years.

His first and biggest priority is education. He highlighted increased classroom funding, more teacher pay raises, and early childhood education.

“Eighty percent of brain development happens before the age of three, and experts agree that reaching children during these pivotal years is one of the greatest tools that we have for closing the achievement gap that has for too long plagued our state,” said Edwards.

Early childhood education advocates are calling for an $80 million upfront investment, with increased yearly funding for the policy to achieve universal access.

His second focus is on workforce development. He touched on equal pay for equal work, increased funding for higher ed, and a goal for 60 percent of Louisiana workers to have a degree or credential by 2030.

Finally, the governor noted that coastal restoration will be a continuing focus for his administration. He says the state is finally starting to get ahead of our decades of losses.

“Over the next four years for the first time in the history of our coastal program, we will break ground on projects that will restore more land than we expect to lose,” said Edwards.

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