Don't let your coronavirus shut-in ruin your relationship

Chris Miller
March 26, 2020 - 10:33 am

You probably heard a few jokes about the baby boom we can expect in nine months, thanks to everyone staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic. But while absence makes the heart grow fonder, all that familiarity could breed contempt, instead.

In the Chinese city of Xi'an, divorce applications have skyrocketed as their coronavirus lockdown ends. LSU Health New Orleans psychologist Dr. Amy Dickson says rather than let dissatisfaction simmer, now is a good time to talk things out

"Since many of us are under a stay at home order, this gives people the opportunity to maybe have conversations that they have been avoiding."

Dr. Dickson reminds us to be patient and respectful, unless we want to make things worse.

"We talk about speaking about our feelings, not blaming other people but using a lot of 'I' statements and talking about  how we feel without accusing the other person of things that they're doing."

Dr. Dickson says there are counselors who can meet by video conference, even as we maintain our "social distance."

And even if your relationship is rock-solid, she says there are things you can do so all this together time doesn't drive you nuts.

"It's really important to have some time to sit down and say 'what do we as a couple or we as a family really want to do with this time?'"

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