Dog saves Boutte man from house fire

December 13, 2017 - 2:58 pm

( -- A Boutte man says his dog saved his life from a house fire over the weekend.

Calvin Baldwin says he was exhausted after coming home from the LHSAA High School Football State Championship games and fell asleep on his couch.

“The dog was in the other room and he came in the front room where I was, started putting his foot on my hand, trying to wake me up. I went by the bathroom and saw smoke so I grabbed him and left the house.”

Baldwin says his trusty pup, Rusty, is truly a life saver. He says he and Rusty are staying with his mother because his house is a total loss as a result of an electrical spark.

“When I left the house the fire had gotten bigger. I went outside to my neighbor’s and she called 911 for me.”

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