Remember the heat wave? Do you prefer this, or the 90 degree heat?

Jim Hanzo
November 14, 2018 - 8:39 am

We all know what the weather felt like about a month ago, and now it's cold to the bone.  What do folks in New Orleans rather hot weather or cold? 

"I prefer the heat, I'm not a cold weather person at all," this downtown worker said.  "I'm a summer baby, I like the heat." 

"I love this cold weather," said another worker.  "I don't want to be out in this, but I like the colder air."   

But this man, not so much.
"It could be 90 degrees every day of the year as far as I'm concerned, I hate this," said this man who was coming in from out of the cold. 

"I prefer this all the way," this lady said.  "You can always put on more clothes.  "At some point you'd be naked, in the summer," she laughed. 

"I've been wating for this for months, it feels good, except for the rain," another downtowner said.  "I could do without the rain." 

And expected to get even colder tonight with temps in the 30s. 

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