Do Saints fans care about this weekend's NFL playoffs?

Four teams left, two will head to the Super Bowl

Jim Hanzo
January 17, 2020 - 8:55 am
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Kirby Lee - USA TODAY Sports


Will Saints fans be watching the NFL Playoffs this weekend even though their Black & Gold are out of the playoff picture? 

Four teams remain; Tennessee, Kansas City, San Francisco, and Green Bay.  The two winners will play in the Super Bowl, February 2. 

This man says he will watch and he has a thought as to who advances. 

"I just think it is ironic that the Chiefs and the Packers played in the first Super Bowl," he said.  "The Chiefs and the Packers could play in this Super Bowl on the 100th year of the NFL."     

"It really doesn't matter to me," said this Saints fan. "I'm a big football fan but after the Saints got knocked out, I'm just not interested." 

"Of course, I'll watch, it's football, just as long as the 49ers don't get in," another man said. 

"Absolutely I will watch, I'm a huge football fan," another man said.  "To me, you will see some of the best football that you'll ever see in your life."   


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