Do fans think the Saints should hold on to Mark Ingram?

Report: Bridgewater will resign with the Saints

Jim Hanzo
March 12, 2019 - 9:19 am


As NFL teams can now begin negotiating with the agents of upcoming unrestricted free agents, does Teddy Bridgewater and Mark Ingram still fit into the Saints plans?   

You can bet some teams are looking at Teddy Bridgewater rather closely, and the same could be said for number 22 , Mark Ingram.  

The latest report has Bridgewater staying with the Saints.  

Would Saints fans like to see Ingram and Bridgewater back in a Saints uniform?  

"I think Mark Ingram, we should keep him," said one Saints fan.  "Bridgewater, I don't know.  Mixed emotions on him.  I'd like to see them get a really young guy right out of the draft and plan on keeping him around for 2 or 3 years while Brees is still here." 

"Mark Ingram, definitely a keeper," said this man.  "He's finally proven himself to be a Heisman winner.  Teddy Bridgewater, I don't particularly care for him so much because Brees still has a few years and we can always pick up a decent backup." 

"You always want to keep a running game," said another Who Dat.  "You might want to keep your running back and let go of your backup quarterback."      

"You should keep Bridgewater because if Brees gets hurt you want to have a backup plan," this fan said.  "Gotta look ahead to the future."      
Nothing can be put on paper until tomorrow at 3 pm when NFL free agency officially begins.  

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