Detillier: Saints starters are going to have to 'bring it' against the Jets

Starters will likely play about a quarter, maybe more

Jim Hanzo
August 23, 2019 - 7:37 am

This week the Saints play their 3rd preseason game against the New York Jets, and they're on the road for this one.  This is usually the game we get the most out of the starters.  

 "I think you'll see the starters about a quarter of the game quarters, maybe even a little bit more," said WWL NFL Analyst Mike Detillier.  "It's the third preseason game and actually the one you see the starters and the role players play more than any other game."    

The idea is to get everyone comfortable with each other on the field.  

"It's just to get them back into 'football groove'", Detillier added.  

And what about Drew Brees?  

"Practice is for the unskilled, Drew doesn't need practice," Detillier said.  "But that's part of his routine, he's a grinder.  He's the guy that loves that work with his receivers out on the field, so I think you'll see a quarter, maybe a tad more, depending on how the defense is with it."   

Saints and Jets square off Saturday evening. 

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