Detillier: “Disappointing” the word of the week for Saints

Mark Menard
September 13, 2017 - 6:03 am

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WWL NFL analyst Mike Detillier joined Bobby Hebert for their weekly Second Guess program Tuesday afternoon, a day later than usual due to the Saints’ Monday night season opener.

And about that Week 1 matchup in Minnesota against the Vikings, Detillier didn’t mince words when discussing how the Black and Gold looked in their 2017 debut.

“Disappointment is probably the biggest word you can use at this point,” Detillier said. “The performance defensively – could not get much of a pass rush, splash plays of 20 yards or more, breakdowns in the coverage part of the game, and lack of success in the red zone.”

Detillier elaborated on the Saints offense and their inability to punch the ball into the end zone, no matter how close they got.

“The running game wasn’t there,” Detillier said. “You could see receivers not getting open in the red zone.”

Detillier said it was a disheartening loss for the team and its fans.

“All across the board,” Detillier said, “it was as disappointing a season opener as I can remember because I think the expectations were that the defense is better. You’ve got a better defense. You’ve got Adrian Peterson. You’ve got Ted Ginn, Jr. You’ve got Alvin Kamara. This is going to work.

“And yet this was a flat football team,” Detillier continued. “They didn’t get it done last night against a Vikings team that came to play. They were fast to the football. We knew how good that defense was. What was shocking was how good their offensive line was, with a rookie center and four new starters along the line. They did a good job run-blocking and protecting Sam Bradford, who was awesome.”

The Saints have a small window of time to get ready for their next opponent. The defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots visit the Superdome this Sunday at noon. You can hear the game live on WWL, with coverage starting that morning at 8.

Hear what Saints General Manager Mickey Loomis has to say about the loss.

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