Despite surge in hospitalizations, New Orleans region not stressed -- yet

Chris Miller
July 14, 2020 - 11:31 am

Although coronavirus hospitalizations are back to levels we had during the stay-at-home order, local health officials say we aren't in danger of overwhelming out capacity.

"We are not yet threatening hospital capacity in this region," said Dr. Joe Kanter with the Louisiana Department of Health. Note that he said "yet." Dr. Kanter says people need to mask up, and continue to maintain social distance whenever possible in order to keep are hospitals from filling up.

But for now, Dr. Kanter says the capacity for the region south of Lake Pontchartrain looks good

"We have 573 ICU beds in Region One, of which, 223 are open," said Dr. Kanter. "We have almost 3,000 hospital beds, all told, in Region One, of which just over a thousand are open right now."

Hospitals in the Lafayette and Lake Charles regions are coming close to the limits of their capacity, said Kanter, and it shows why residents need to continue to take the pandemic seriously.

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